Hard-Right Republicans Threaten Speaker Ouster Over Aid

(NationalUSNews.com) — Speaker of the House Mike Johnson (R-Louisiana) faces mounting opposition from within his political party due to a pending package that would provide foreign aid to Ukraine, which he seemingly intends to support. The aid package has already passed through the United States Senate, but Johnson plans to amend the proposed legislation before allowing it to be passed into law. Johnson’s decision to consider the foreign aid package rather than oppose it outright immediately prompted hard-right Republican lawmakers like Marjorie Taylor Green (R-Georgia) to consider a removal effort against Johnson.

The proposed package will reach the House of Representatives later this week, as the House recently took a weeks-long recess and hadn’t considered the package since the Senate approved the legislation in February. The new foreign aid grant would provide $95 billion to Ukraine to help the country in its ongoing war with Russia. Johnson claims the House is working to find different ways to supply the funding, such as using money seized from Russian businesses, to avoid an undue burden on American taxpayers. Despite this proposed amendment to the package, hard-right Republicans don’t support the measure and are openly calling for Johnson’s removal.

The most vocal of Johnson’s opposition was Greene, who openly called for Johnson’s removal and attempted to oust Johnson by using a motion. However, Greene didn’t compel a vote, so Johnson remains the Speaker of the House for now. Greene did state that if Johnson allowed for the Ukraine aid to pass into law, she would consider forcing a vote to consider Johnson’s removal and subsequent replacement. While Green and other hard-right Republicans oppose the measure, other Republican lawmakers have advocated for the bill to pass into law.

According to Republicans who support the aid package, failing to provide continued funding to Ukraine would encourage Russia and its ongoing offensive against the country. Mike Turner (R-Ohio) said that the aid package was critical for Ukraine and would affect how they fight against Russia. Turner claims that Vladimir Putin, Russia’s president, knows about how essential aid is for Ukraine and wants the House of Representatives to deny the proposed legislation.

Despite Greene’s threats to remove Johnson, Democratic lawmakers could prevent a removal effort against the House Speaker. Among the Democrats who oppose Greene’s threatened removal are Jared Moskowitz (D-Florida) and House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-New York), who claim they’d vote in favor of Johnson remaining the speaker if  Greene forces a vote.

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