Nestlé Is Recalling Over 440,000 Starbucks Mugs Following Reports Of A Dozen Injuries

( — Nestlé USA recently issued a recall for over 440,000 mugs it made for Starbucks after more than ten people reported injuries from using the coffee mugs. Reports indicate that the customers sustained extreme burns and cuts from the Nestlé mugs, prompting the manufacturer to issue a nationwide recall for the Starbucks-branded product. Various retailers, including Walmart and Target, sold the faulty mugs, prompting the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission to issue a statement and inform the general public about the potentially dangerous item.

Nestlé sold the mugs through multiple retailers for three months, starting in November 2023. The mugs came in various sizes and prices, with some included in pre-packaged gift sets. The total number of mugs sold by Nestlé remains unclear, but the manufacturer issued a recall for 440,000 coffee mugs while offering customers a refund for the defective product.

Nestlé claims that the only product featured in the recall is the Starbucks mug and that no other Starbucks products or Nestlé-manufactured items pose a danger to customers. The CPSC shared information about the dangerous mugs, advising consumers against using the Starbucks-branded item in microwaves as heat increases the chances of the mug overheating or breaking, causing injury. While discussing the recalled item, the CPSC expressly referred to lacerations and severe burns as potential injuries from the coffee mugs.

So far, a dozen people have reported injuries resulting from the Nestlé-manufactured coffee mug. Nine of the injured consumers reportedly suffered from extreme burns to their hands and fingers, with an additional customer claiming the mug broke in their hand and cut them. The CPSC also claims that another consumer required medical treatment for their injuries but didn’t share any information about the type of injury sustained or how medical personnel aided the consumer.

The CPSC did, however, issue a caution to customers and provide instructions for people who currently possess Nestlé-made Starbucks mugs. According to the CPSC, people who possess a faulty coffee mug should avoid using it and immediately return it to whichever retailer they purchased it from. Customers can return the item for a gift card or a cash refund, and refunds are also available through Nestlé’s primary webpage.

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