New York Bars Giuliani From Practicing Law

( — Following multiple legal battles within New York, New York court officials disbarred former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, preventing the former mayor and notable Trump ally from practicing law.

Giuliani’s disbarment is the latest legal hurdle for the 80-year-old former mayor, who filed for bankruptcy and lost a massive defamation lawsuit requiring a $148 million settlement. Giuliani also faces multiple criminal charges for his alleged involvement in election interference following the 2020 presidential election, alongside former President Donald Trump and his allies.

The disbarment order was contained in a 31-page document detailing the court officials’ reasoning for the decision and explaining why Giuliani should not retain his law license. The order focused on Giuliani’s work as Trump’s attorney and his alleged involvement in election interference. Court officials also referred to Giuliani’s statements throughout the 2020 election controversy, claiming Giuliani lied on numerous occasions to mislead the public and erode citizens’ trust in the federal government.

Court officials claim that Giuliani repeatedly abused his power as Trump’s attorney and intentionally attempted to undermine the electoral process for Trump’s benefit. Another issue cited by court officials when explaining the decision was Giuliani’s response to the various legal battles and civil lawsuits, which the court claimed seemed “unrepentant.” Despite the multiple accusations against Giuliani featured in the disbarment order, the former mayor’s team has denied the allegations and confirmed that they intend to appeal the decision.

According to Barry Kamins, an attorney for Giuliani, the former mayor’s team is disappointed in the court for disbarring him and is looking into options for appealing the decision. Giuliani’s spokesperson, Ted Goodman, claims the decision stemmed from political beliefs and corruption rather than a genuine concern for the integrity of New York’s legal system. Although Giuliani’s team claims the court’s accusations lacked merit, the court has recorded statements from Giuliani regarding the 2020 election, many of which have been disproven through lengthy investigations by United States legislators.

While the disbarment is Giuliani’s latest legal battle, the former mayor remains preoccupied with multiple criminal cases and civil lawsuit payouts for approximately 20 entities for defamation. Giuliani’s legal issues have led him to file for bankruptcy, with the former mayor claiming he only has $11 million worth of assets and couldn’t afford the $153 million he owes to the aforementioned entities and his lawyers.

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