Russia Lays Blame For A Deadly Missile Strike On The US

( — A recent missile strike on Russia has left six people dead and an additional 124 people injured, which Russia blames on the United States.

According to the state-operated Russian news agency RIA Novosti, Ukraine’s recent attack on Sevastopol killed six people, including two children, after Russia’s military shot down several missiles over the city. While Ukraine launched the missiles over into the Crimea region and Sevastopol, Russian officials blamed the United States, given how the missiles used by Ukraine came from American manufacturers.

The Sevastopol missile strike served as the latest exchange between Russia and Ukraine and occurred during a days-long strike on Ukraine by Russian forces. Russia recently started a bombing campaign on Kharkiv, which has killed at least three Ukrainian citizens and injured an undisclosed number of civilians. As a response to the latest Kharkiv assault, Ukraine’s military began an extensive drone bombing campaign against Russia, with drones targeting the Bryansk, Lipetsk, Tula, and Smolensk regions. Russia’s military managed to shoot down more than 30 different drones during the multi-region drone strikes and hasn’t reported any casualties related to the campaign.

The ongoing bombing campaigns from Russia and Ukraine mark the latest escalation of the ongoing Eastern European conflict and could result in foreign involvement, given Russia’s recent attempt at blaming the United States. The United States has repeatedly supported Ukraine in its ongoing war with Russia through various aid packages and munition shipments, including the ATACMS missiles used by Ukraine in its recent attack on Crimea. According to Russia’s Defense Ministry, both the United States and Ukraine are responsible for the recent deaths in Sevastopol.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has addressed Russia’s recent attack on Kharkiv, citing the assault as proof that Ukraine needs stronger air defense systems to prevent further deaths. Zelenskyy called for Ukraine’s allies, including the United States, to provide more military equipment to prevent potential attacks. Zelenskyy also said that Ukraine’s allies should help Ukraine’s military train pilots for F-16s and provide Ukraine with weapons capable of long-range strikes.

Despite Zelenskyy’s call for renewed aid, the United States has started reducing its support for Ukraine, given Russia’s repeated statements claiming that further involvement from Western countries could escalate the conflict.

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