Traveler Tracks Missing Luggage To Hollywood Homeless Camp

( — Tourists have started using new methods to keep track of their luggage, likely due to a steady rise in luggage theft at airports throughout the United States.

An American Airlines traveler is among the tourists who’ve started tracking their luggage and made a shocking discovery when she attempted to find her suitcase after it disappeared during a flight from Texas to California. Aunny Grace tracked her suitcase after she departed from an airport in Dallas and managed to find it after it traveled throughout the Western United States.

Grace attached an Apple Air Tag to her luggage before she departed Dallas on a flight to Hollywood Burbank Airport. Despite arriving without issue, Grace couldn’t find her suitcase after the flight, prompting her to check the air tag’s location. According to Grace, her suitcase traveled from Dallas to Burbank and then to Denver, Colorado. After some time in Denver, Grace’s suitcase ended up back in Dallas before it traveled a final time, ending up in Burbank.

Upon learning about Grace losing her package, American Airlines assured her that she would find her suitcase at her house after staff recovered the luggage and delivered it back to her. After receiving assurances from staff, Grace checked the air tag’s location and found her suitcase had ended up in Hollywood. Grace monitored the suitcase’s location until it stopped near Santa Monica Boulevard and decided to investigate further. After researching the area pinged by the air tag, Grace realized her suitcase had ended up in one of the city’s homeless encampments.

After finding her suitcase’s location, Grace and one of her friends traveled to the area to recover the lost luggage. Grace described the experience as “mortifying” and said her friend had to pay a homeless person to return the stolen suitcase. A spokesperson for American Airlines has responded to the incident, claiming the airline would investigate the mishap that led to the bag traveling throughout the Western United States. The American Airlines spokesperson also claimed the airline would find out how the homeless person obtained the bag during its investigation.

American Airlines apologized for the incident and assured customers that the incident involving Grace’s suitcase wasn’t typical. The airline has also contacted Grace to discuss the suitcase mishap and apologize for the inconvenience. The shocking incident has renewed calls for a different method of baggage handling at American airports, with some online commenters claiming they’d start using Apple air tags to track their luggage and prevent a similar mishap.

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