Valerie Bertinelli Censored Twice During Strange “View” Interview

( — During her appearance in Tuesday’s edition of The View, Valerie Bertinelli was muted twice due to her “colorful” language.

Her newest cookbook, Indulge, was to be the topic of discussion. Unfortunately, politics abruptly took center stage.

Bertinelli, 63, told the crowd that she wanted to stress the importance of voting. She urged people to vote for their interests and things that benefit them. She apologized and explained she had lost her composure and needed “calm the f**k down.” She said she did so by thinking about Taylor Swift, who she characterized as “our queen.”

Although the censors muted the last part of her comment, Valerie could be seen mouthing the words.

Moving on to the topic of online trolls, Valerie made it clear that she will not tolerate any negativity.

Again, they muted her audio after making it plain that anybody acting like “an a**hole” could not enter “her arena.”

Longtime View cohost Joy Behar, 81, and Valerie also got into a minor tiff when Bertinelli got short with her. The former Hot in Cleveland star brought dishes to sample from recipes in her cookbook, but she seemed uncertain about a few plates.

There was simple confusion about whether some fowl was turkey or chicken. Behar guessed turkey, and Bertinelli, oddly, snapped that it was chicken.

As she promotes her new cookbook, Valerie finds herself back in the limelight. Nevertheless, she has also delved into more sensitive topics, being open about her struggles with body image.

On Tuesday, April 2, Valerie revealed to USA Today that when she is overwhelmed by negative emotions, she uses food and occasionally drinks to dull the pain.

Bertinelli, the mom of Wolfgang Van Halen with late ex-husband and guitarist Eddie Van Halen, said she has personally experienced a great deal of criticism and judgment regarding her food choices and body weight. She said that, thanks to Jenny Craig, she lost weight while questioning whether she was a loveable human being. She knew she was loveable prior, adding that diet culture had a profound impact on her, as it has on everyone else.

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