According To Bill Barr, Trump’s Hush Money Ruling Will Be “Overturned”

( — A Manhattan jury has convicted former President Donald Trump of 34 felony offenses, making him the first president in United States history to receive a criminal conviction. Bill Barr, the attorney general during Trump’s first term in office, addressed the conviction and shared his thoughts about the case’s future during an appearance on Fox News. According to Barr, Trump’s hush money case will likely be overturned once the former president appeals to a higher federal court.

During his interview with Fox News host Jimmy Failla, Barr described the case against Trump as an “abomination” and said the conviction wouldn’t survive Trump’s impending appeal effort. Barr highlighted the political tension surrounding the conviction and said he couldn’t believe the court had pursued the criminal charges against Trump. Barr cited Trump’s supporters when talking about his belief that the sentence would be overturned and said that the possibility of Trump overturning the conviction was a certainty.

Barr famously opposed Trump following the 2020 presidential election, which he investigated for potential election fraud before leaving the attorney general role. Trump had Barr’s office perform an official investigation into the 2020 election in the hopes of having the election results overturned, but Barr regularly confirmed that he never found any evidence of widespread voter fraud on behalf of President Joe Biden or the Democratic Party. Following the investigation, Barr appeared on various talk shows to discredit Trump and his allies for claiming the Democratic Party had stolen the election.

Despite repeatedly criticizing Trump and his allies, Barr has also been critical of President Joe Biden and the Democratic Party. Barr said that he believes another term under President Joe Biden’s leadership would cause irreparable harm to the United States, and as a result, he plans to vote for the Republican nominee in the upcoming election. Barr hasn’t confirmed that he’d vote for Trump specifically, but he has remained adamant that he plans to vote for the Republican Party instead of President Biden or his allies.

Barr’s claims that Trump could have his conviction overturned come as Trump’s legal team prepares an appeal and attempts to discredit the guilty verdict against Trump. Trump’s team has already highlighted the case’s judge, Juan Merchan, and his daughter’s Democratic affiliation as potential conflict of interest. Trump’s team has also addressed rumors about a juror discussing the verdict with a family member before the case’s closing statements. According to Trump’s legal team, President Joe Biden had the case brought against Trump to hinder him before the 2024 presidential election, in which Trump remains the most favored candidate.

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