Asa Hutchinson Calls GOP Rallying Behind Trump A “Mistake”

( — Former Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson has made headlines following his claim that the various Republicans defending Donald Trump after his indictment are making a mistake, and that such a defense is merely an attempt at pandering to Trump’s supporter base.

Hutchinson is one of the Republican candidates for the 2024 election, and has been openly critical of Donald Trump in his various public appearances and campaigning efforts. Hutchinson’s comments are the latest instance of a Republican taking shots at the former president, which has become increasingly common following the developments of Trump’s various legal battles.

Hutchinson is an unlikely candidate for the 2024 election, as he has polled leagues below more mainstream candidates like Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis. Despite his poor performance Hutchinson seems confident that he can secure the nomination and run against President Joe Biden.

Hutchinson has previously dismissed concerns about his abysmal polling numbers, stating that the “dust has not settled yet.” Despite these claims it seems unlikely that Hutchinson can outperform national figures like Ron DeSantis, Nikki Haley, or Donald Trump. Hutchinson is relatively unknown, and has already drawn the ire of many citizens in his various public appearances and interviews. One such interview occurred on The View, in which Hutchinson got into an intense argument with the hosts over the topic of abortion.

Throughout his campaign Hutchinson has been overwhelmingly critical of Donald Trump, going so far as to say Trump has returned the Republican Party to “bitterness.” Although Hutchinson has been vocal about his disagreements with Trump’s leadership style, he has remained notably quiet about the various legal battles that Trump is currently embroiled in.

Hutchinson did call on Trump to forfeit his candidacy following a federal indictment by a New York grand jury, although such an outcome seems incredibly unlikely. The most likely candidates for the Republican nomination in 2024 remain Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis, with Hutchinson facing a steep uphill battle come primary season. Despite this challenge the former Arkansas Governor remains adamant that he’s the future of the Republican Party.

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