Graham Believes Trump Will Be Granted Immunity, At Least Partially

( — According to Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina), the Supreme Court will likely rule in favor of former President Donald Trump in his ongoing presidential immunity case.

Trump’s lawyers recently argued about Trump’s presidential immunity before the court, claiming that presidents aren’t criminally liable for their decisions while in office. While arguing before the Supreme Court, Trump’s legal team contended that other former presidents received presidential immunity despite acting outside the scope of their authorized powers and that Trump should receive the same treatment.

Graham addressed the Supreme Court proceedings in a recent statement, predicting the court would send the case back down to lower courts for further proceedings after granting Trump some degree of immunity. Graham said the Supreme Court likely agrees with Trump’s legal team regarding presidential immunity. Still, the court likely aims to limit immunity to actions that fall under a president’s authority as a chief executive.

While the Supreme Court hasn’t released an official judgment for the ongoing presidential immunity case, Graham predicted the court would remand the case and have lower courts determine what actions would exceed a president’s executive authority. Graham also believes that Trump would likely receive immunity from lower courts following this determination.

When discussing the various cases against the former president, Graham claimed that the American public is more concerned about their own personal issues than criminal cases that Graham described as politically motivated. Graham addressed Trump’s ongoing cases in New York City, Georgia, and Florida, explaining the various legal proceedings as an attempt by liberals to discredit the former president ahead of his 2024 presidential election.

Despite his disagreements with Trump during the former president’s first term in office, Graham is now one of Trump’s most vocal supporters. Graham has repeatedly dismissed the various legal cases against the former president and recently confirmed that he would still support Trump’s 2024 presidential effort even if he received a conviction. Graham’s outspoken support for Trump in the past has brought increased scrutiny to the senator, with Georgia authorities considering charging Graham alongside Trump’s other codefendants in 2023.

Prosecutors attempted to convince the grand jury responsible for indicting Trump to indict Graham in the Georgia case due to Graham’s alleged involvement in asking a Georgia official to discount valid votes to sway the 2020 presidential election in Trump’s favor. Graham denies the suspected election interference, and the grand jury declined to charge the senator as one of Trump’s codefendants. Graham claims that the potential charges surprised him and that he wasn’t involved in any criminal actions surrounding the 2020 election.

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