Attorney For The Late OJ Simpson Wants To Auction Off His Personal Belongings

( — Famous football player and accused murderer OJ Simpson has died, leaving his personal belongings in the possession of his attorney, Malcolm LaVergne.

Typically, when someone dies with considerable assets, like OJ Simpson, their possessions are sold through an estate sale. LaVergne wants to sell Simpson’s possessions through a different medium and has requested the authority to sell the late celebrity’s belongings at an estate auction.

When explaining his desire to use an estate auction to sell Simpson’s belongings, LaVergne said that he believes Simpson’s possessions could be more valuable and receive more money than typically in an estate sale. LaVergne’s request requires a court’s authorization, but some legal experts believe LaVergne may succeed in his auction effort. Attorneys handling estates after the original owner dies are required to maximize the value of the possessions and provide the profit to remaining family members, creditors, or other interested parties. According to LaVergne, allowing members of the public to bid on Simpson’s items would bring in more revenue than selling them for a fixed price.

While LaVergne hasn’t confirmed which items would appear in an estate sale if he receives court authorization, some people close to the Simpson family have pointed out various items that could feature at an auction. Among the items LaVergne may put in the auction are OJ Simpson’s Heisman Trophy, the late celebrity’s car, a driver’s license that once belonged to Simpson, his golf clubs, and other personal possessions such as clothing. LaVergne claims that Simpson owned a number of items that public citizens would like to purchase, and thus, he should host an auction.

Despite seeking an auction for Simpson’s belongings, LaVergne hasn’t mentioned Simpson’s troubled personal life and various legal battles. Simpson famously stood trial for allegedly murdering his wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and Ronald Goldman, but a jury acquitted the football star. Soon after the criminal case, the families of Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson sued the celebrity football star for wrongful death and received a $33.5 million settlement.

Simpson later stood accused of armed robbery in 2007 after he robbed two different sporting item collectors with a gun. A jury convicted Simpson for the armed robberies in 2008, and the football star received a 33-year prison sentence with parole eligibility after nine years behind bars. Simpson faded into obscurity following his release in 2017 and only recently made national headlines when he died of cancer in April. At the time of his death on April 10, 2024. Simpson was 76 years old.

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