Bipartisan Worry Mounts That Trump Verdict May Cause Chaos

( — On June 3, 2024, former president Trump was found guilty on 34 counts of falsifying business records. Trump’s legal team is expected to immediately appeal the decision.

Due to the location and the particular Judge who presided over the case, some have called it an unfair trial. When the verdict was announced, the internet exploded with commentary, both outraged and supportive. In the aftermath, donations flooded into the Trump campaign fund, with some Democrats seeing more modest bumps as well.

While most of the objections to the verdict have simply been directing supporters to donate, there are some lawmakers on both sides of the aisle who have expressed concern about violent retaliation. Illinois Democratic Representative Mike Quigley says many of his colleagues are worried that the verdict will be a call to action. Some fear that another January 6 style event might take place. Democrat Representative Steve Cohen of Tennessee believes that Trump’s complaints about the verdict could incite violence.

Not all those who are afraid of Trump’s supporters are Democrats. The Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate in Maryland, Larry Hogan, has publicly urged Americans to accept the verdict. Hogan has long been critical of the former president, but some Republicans say this comment may have ended his chances of winning the election. However, many more Republican officials have expressed support for former president Trump. While some have called for legal reprisals, none have made any suggestion for violence or any other illegal activities.

The fear seems to mostly be driven by anonymous online accounts. The Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD) has seen a surge in what they call “false and misleading narratives.” They are concerned that these could lead to eroded trust in public institutions as well as individual acts of violence. Others have expressed concern that lawyers or jurors involved in the Manhattan hush money case could have personal information leaked, which could expose them to danger. Taking a more measured stance, Maryland Democratic Rep Jamie Raskin is not worried. He commented that the American public respects the rule of law and is not interested in violent upheaval.

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