Congressman Suggests Foreign Nationals Using Base Breaches To Test Us Military Readiness

( — On June 11, there were reports that eight Tajikistan nationals with suspected ISIS ties were recently arrested in Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and New York.

Tajikistan nationals were responsible for a terrorist attack on the Crocus City Hall concert near Moscow on March 22, which left 145 people dead and another 551 injured. While the recently arrested eight Tajikistan nationals were being tracked by the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force, they were originally released into the country without any concern for potential terrorist connections.

The eight suspects from Tajikistan crossed the U.S. southern border illegally in 2023 and were released. Texas Republican Representative Pat Fallon, who serves on the National Security, the Border and Foreign Affairs subcommittee, calls the vetting process at the border “a joke”. A senior Department of Homeland Security official says that the eight Tajikistan aliens did not have obvious terrorist ties when they were processed. They are being held at an ICE detention center awaiting deportation proceedings for civil immigration violations. The official further noted that it is very difficult for the U.S. to deport migrants to Tajikistan for various operational or diplomatic reasons.

National security is being challenged daily by poorly vetted illegal immigrants crossing the border and then being simply released into the U.S. They are given an immigration court date when released, but that often means unsupervised people of unknown background being free to do whatever they please in the U.S. for years on end. Also, while historically most illegal crossings into the U.S. were from Mexico or South America, more and more are coming from around the world, including many from countries hostile to the U.S.

Representative Fallon’s subcommittee held a classified hearing in May titled: “Intruder Alert: Assessing the CCP’s Ongoing Infiltration of U.S. Military Installations.” There have been dozens of incidents of Chinese nationals claiming to be tourists taking photos near military installations and critical infrastructures. Many of these occurred in rural or otherwise isolated locations. Fallon says that foreign nationals from China and Russia have tried to breach Navy bases “two or three times a week.” Many Republicans blame Democrats for America’s dangerously insecure border, while Democrats seem to believe the concerns are overblown and xenophobic.

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