Democratic Candidate Arrested For Racial Impersonation Hoax

( — A Democratic candidate at the center of a recent racial harassment case has been arrested due to what authorities have dubbed as “racial impersonation,” referring to the candidate allegedly lying about racial discrimination to bolster his political campaign.

Democratic candidate Taral Patel recently received mainstream media attention after he claimed Republican voters and supporters of former President Donald Trump sent him racist messages on social media platforms. Police have arrested Patel and claimed that he lied about the messages and sent them to himself rather than the messages originating from conservatives.

Patel, who is running for a county precinct commissioner position, first discussed the scandal in September 2023, when he received hateful messages that he claimed threatened his family. Patel told media outlets that he received racist and discriminatory messages focused on his ethnicity and his religious beliefs. Patel initially blamed Trump for the messages and said the former president’s supporters flooded his inbox with “Hinduphobic” threats and statements. Patel acted defiantly in response to the messages and said that the hateful messages strengthened the Fort Bend County community.

Texas authorities began investigating the messages but didn’t announce any details immediately after the scandal. Patel won the Democratic primary for the commissioner position in March and became the Democratic candidate for the election, which would’ve pitted him against Republican commissioner Andy Myers. Authorities eventually arrested Patel for his involvement in the scandal, which investigators claim dates back to 2022.

Police claim Patel created fake accounts and sent himself hateful messages for almost two years, and that his initial claims of harassment likely lacked validity. Authorities have charged Patel with felonious online impersonation and misrepresentation of identity, a misdemeanor. Patel’s bond totaled $22,500 for the two charges; if convicted, he could spend more than a year in prison. Despite Patel’s alleged involvement in the scandal, the Democratic candidate hasn’t resigned or responded to the developing criminal case.

Legal experts have weighed in on Patel’s case, confirming that even if convicted, the Democratic candidate can run for office. If Patel gives in to the various calls for his resignation from the Democratic Party, he could remain in the race by using a grassroots write-in campaign. However, given Patel’s alleged crimes and deceptive behavior, some political consultants find a write-in unlikely to succeed.

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