Historian Rejects CNN’s Calls That Biden Withdraw

(NationalUSNews.com) — Professor Allan Lichtman, known for a remarkably accurate model that has predicted several presidential elections correctly, has responded to the recent demand that President Joe Biden remove himself from the 2024 presidential election. Among the outlets calling for Biden’s removal is CNN, which hosted the first debate between Biden and former President Donald Trump, an event many feel Biden embarrassed himself at due to his inability to speak coherently or answer simple questions from moderators.

Lichtman has criticized CNN and other Democrats for demanding that Biden step down and said people shouldn’t consider Biden’s campaign a loss without further examination. According to Lichtman, Biden stepping down from the race would practically win the 2024 election for Trump, citing his model known as the “13 Keys” as evidence of his prediction. Lichtman’s model uses multiple metrics called “keys,” including whether or not a candidate is an incumbent or the most popular member of their political party, among others. Lichtman said that having Biden step down from the race would remove two keys that favor the Democratic Party, granting Trump a distinct advantage over Biden’s replacement.

Although some political experts remain skeptical of Lichtman’s prediction model, the prominent American University professor has accurately predicted nine out of the last ten presidential elections since 1984. Lichtman inaccurately predicted that former Vice President Al Gore would defeat former President George W. Bush in the 2000 election, a highly contested election that ultimately resulted in a lengthy legal battle, resulting in Bush’s victory over Gore.

When talking about why Biden should remain the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee, Lichtman cited several different factors, including the aforementioned keys and general precedent for presidential elections. Lichtman said that the White House hasn’t ever successfully won an election with a contested nomination and that such an event would encourage infighting amongst Democratic officials. Lichtman also said that by having Biden step down, the Democrats would essentially allow Trump to defy his model and secure victory by only having four keys in his favor.

While Lichtman has encouraged voters to support Biden for the foreseeable future, other elected officials and media outlets are less steadfast in their support. Calls for Biden’s replacement have circulated in mainstream media since Biden’s abysmal debate performance against Trump, with many voters feeling as though Biden seemed confused or lost during the event. After the debate, Biden’s family met with the president and released a statement about the ordeal. According to the Biden family, the president will remain in the race, and his staff are to blame for his poor performance during the first presidential debate.

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