ICE Confirms That Migrants Detained After Border Stampede Have Been Released Into The US

( — Immigration authorities have had numerous violent encounters with crowds of illegal immigrants over the last few months, including a stampede that saw hundreds of illegal immigrants tear through border defenses near El Paso, Texas.

The stampede quickly turned violent once members of the Texas National Guard attempted to stop the crowd, resulting in approximately 200 arrests and injuries amongst the service members and immigrants involved in the riot. ICE has confirmed that among the immigrants arrested following the clash, 43 have been released into the United States.

Although ICE released 43 immigrants involved in the stampede, immigration officials still have 32 in custody awaiting further proceedings. ICE has also detained 105 of the immigrants involved in the clash, all of whom could face deportation in the coming weeks. Despite numerous legal setbacks from judges, ICE managed to deport 43 of the immigrants from the stampede, with immigration authorities pushing for additional deportations for the immigrants who remain in ICE’s custody.

Journalists captured the entire incident between the Texas National Guard and the immigrants who tore through the border fence, which made national headlines due to Texas’s ongoing attempts to prevent illegal immigration through Operation Lone Star. To combat immigration, Texas law enforcement and service personnel have established razor wire fences throughout southern Texas, with increased security personnel patrolling the areas near the border. Despite Texas Governor Gregg Abbott’s attempt to tighten security on the Texas-Mexico border, illegal immigration remains at an all-time high throughout Texas and its surrounding states.

As a response to the stampede, United States Customs and Border Protection attempted to prevent further altercations by increasing patrols and threatening to deport the immigrants that stormed the border. While immigration has risen steadily over the last few years, the United States Customs and Border Protection recently confirmed that immigration officials only arrested 87,600 immigrants throughout June, marking the first decrease in illegal immigration in three years.

Despite the ongoing surge of illegal immigration into the United States, President Joe Biden regularly claims that there isn’t an immigration crisis. Biden has attempted to combat unlawful immigration via executive order, likely as a response to polls that indicate voters consider immigration a top concern for the 2024 presidential election. Biden’s executive order prevents people from crossing over the southern border if the daily average for encounters with illegal immigrants tops 2,500 and will remain in effect until the average drops below 1,500.

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