Kari Lake’s Interview With Steve Bannon Interrupted By A Familiar Face

(NationalUSNews.com) — Former President Donald Trump recently made an unexpected appearance on a podcast hosted by former chief strategist Steve Bannon, who was interviewing Arizona senatorial candidate Kari Lake. During Bannon’s interview with Lake, Trump called him randomly, prompting Bannon to answer his phone and ask the former president to call him back later.

The moment sparked laughter from Bannon and Lake, who have repeatedly endorsed Trump over the past few years. According to Bannon’s podcast staff, Trump called his former chief strategist to say that he “loved War Room” and wished to speak to Bannon. Trump’s team hasn’t confirmed that Trump had called Bannon during his interview with Lake.

Bannon’s podcast, known as War Room, features regular appearances from various conservatives, most of whom have expressed their support for Trump and his allies. Lake’s interview with Bannon comes during Lake’s highly contested senatorial race in Arizona, which many political consultants believe could be one of the most critical senatorial races for the 2024 presidential election. If Lake secures the win in Arizona, some political experts believe her support could win the entire state for Trump.

Bannon’s interview with Lake primarily focused on Lake’s upcoming senatorial election and personal questions about Lake’s life or hobbies. Bannon frequently uses his podcast to discuss the 2024 presidential election and his belief that Trump remains the best candidate for the United States. Bannon has also appeared at conservative events over the past few months, often to talk about President Joe Biden’s shortcomings as president and why Trump is the best presidential candidate.

Despite his various appearances at Republican-led events, Bannon hasn’t publicly addressed his looming prison sentence, that should start on July 1. Bannon famously defied a congressional subpoena from a committee investigating the January 6 capitol incident, resulting in Congress finding Bannon in contempt. Bannon protested the subpoena and refused to appear in Congress, but a federal jury convicted the former chief strategist. A federal court has required Bannon to report to prison for a four-month sentence starting in July. Bannon hasn’t talked about his prison sentence beyond maintaining his innocence, although many legal experts believe Bannon will appear as scheduled on the required date.

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