Kremlin Says Macron Wants To Enter the War in Ukraine Directly

( — During an appearance at the Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum, a Kremlin spokesperson said that Russia believes France wants to enter the Russia-Ukraine war directly, causing concern about a potential escalation in the Eastern Europe conflict.

According to Dmitry Peskov, France’s President Emmanuel Macron has promised to join Ukraine’s war against Russia by establishing a French-led training program for Ukrainian pilots. Macron also pledged to provide fighter jets to Ukraine, which Russian officials have cited as a potential act of war on several prior occasions.

Macron’s pledge came during a celebration for the anniversary of D-Day, a historic invasion that helped the Allies gain a foothold in Nazi Germany’s territory during World War II. During the event, Macron appeared alongside United States President Joe Biden and promised to support Ukraine through various means over the next few months. Macron also called on other Western nations to help Ukraine, going so far as to claim Ukraine’s allies should send troops to support Kyiv in its fight against the Russia-led offensive.

Peskov addressed Macron’s comments during the event in Saint Petersburg and said that Macron’s pledge proves that France wants to become directly involved in the conflict. Peskov also said that Russian officials took note of Macron’s comments during the D-Day anniversary celebration and that they consider the pledge an attempt to escalate the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Macron’s controversial remarks about troop deployments quickly prompted members of NATO to assure citizens that such an action would require approval from multiple nations, and NATO remains hesitant to implement such a strategy.

Among NATO members who have advised against direct interference in the Russia-Ukraine war is President Joe Biden, who has repeatedly denied sending American troops to the country despite requests from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Some sources close to Biden have claimed that the president advised Macron against deploying forces for the Ukraine-Russia conflict. Biden has also expressed his belief that Ukraine is the only country that could effectively end Russia’s offensive and that outside interference by other countries could result in a widespread global conflict rather than a lasting peace.

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