Lyle Menendez Dials Into A True Crime Convention From Prison

( — Lyle Menendez, one of the two brothers spending life in prison for the infamous 1989 murders of Mary and Jose Menendez, called in to a true crime convention to speak about his experiences and his involvement in the notorious 1989 double murder case.

The two brothers ended up as household names following the murders and have admitted to their participation in the killings on multiple occasions. Lyle Menendez contacted his lawyer, who attended the convention, and used the phone call to share information about his life and the future of his criminal case. Lyle Menendez briefly addressed the case, including the evidence of abuse that prosecutors refused to allow into the trial, and shared his hopes for a possible re-sentencing due to a petition from his family members.

Menendez said that he hoped he could be released from prison due to the petition, which has more than 24 signatures from members of the Menendez family. Lyle also briefly thanked members of the convention and people from around the globe, many of whom have supported the Menendez brothers and called for their release. Menendez said he’s grateful for the support that many people have given him and his brother and hopes he could reappear in court within the next few years.

Menendez also shared information about how he’s spent his incarceration, including his hopes that he could become a productive member of society while serving his life sentence. During his time in prison, Menendez has pursued an education, including a bachelor’s degree in sociology. Menendez also said that he helped establish multiple therapy groups for prison inmates, including those who suffered from child abuse, such as the abuse allegedly carried out by Menendez’s father, Jose Menendez.

While speaking to the convention’s attendees, Menendez also said that he’s spoken with celebrity Rosie O’Donnell about establishing a foundation to advocate for victims of abuse. Menendez claims he feels proud of his work establishing the aforementioned therapy groups and wants to continue his involvement in victim advocacy in the foreseeable future. Menendez’s appearance at the convention comes as his lawyer, Mark Geragos, has started working towards overturning the two brothers’ life sentences.

Geragos claims that he recently discovered a letter from Erik Menendez, dated eight months before the 1989 murders, which features information about the abuse from Jose Menendez and how the two brothers wanted to avoid him. A cousin of the Menendez’s has also recently spoken about the two brothers, claiming that Lyle Menendez told her about the abuse when he was only eight years old.

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