Majority Of Americans Favor Mass Deportations Of Illegal Immigrants, Per New Poll

( — On a recent broadcast of the Sunday morning show, Face the Nation, CBS News host Margaret Brennan seemed shocked by recent polling suggesting Americans support mass deportation of illegal immigrants.

The poll was conducted by CBS News/YouGov between June 5 and 7, targeting registered voters. The findings indicate that 62% of American voters support efforts to deport all undocumented immigrants living in the US illegally. Brennan’s surprised face has been shared around the internet as an example of what it looks like when a person is out-of-touch with the world.

Anthony Salvanto, CBS’ director of elections and surveys, reassured Brennan that most of the support for mass deportation is coming from right-wing voters. He conceded that some is coming from Democrats as well. Salvanto was quick to point out that this sort of polling does not express support for or opposition to specific policies. He characterized the results as “broad brushstrokes “of public sentiment.

Brennan, seemingly aghast, questioned what exactly voters believe they are advocating for when they support deporting all illegal immigrants. She added that federal authorities don’t have the resources to do it and pointed out that U.S. courts have even questioned the legality of local authorities doing so. Brennan commented that the Biden administration has already deported more people over the past year than have been deported in any single year since 2010. That year, there were less than 700,000 border encounters reported, but since 2019, the numbers have been closer to 2 million per year.

Former president Trump has stated that if he is elected in November, he will implement a vast new deportation program and beef up security of the U.S.-Mexican border. With mass migration causing havoc in the country and costing Americans millions, the Biden administration has announced policy changes as well. The new order would temporarily suspend the entry of non-citizens across the southern border once the number of average border encounters exceeds 2,500 a day over seven days.

Some have criticized this plan as it would still allow for nearly a million illegal crossings per year. Salvanto succinctly summarized the poll findings as Americans simply asking the government to “do something.”

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