Pilot Crash Lands Near Trump’s Golf Course

(NationalUSNews.com) — Following a catastrophic engine failure, a pilot had to crash land his aircraft near one of former President Donald Trump’s golf courses in Los Angeles, California.

The pilot performed an emergency landing in the Pacific Ocean near Trump’s golf course and managed to make it safely to shore. The pilot also had a dog with him during the ordeal, which made it to shore without injury. Los Angeles authorities met the pilot and his dog on the beach once they reached shore and confirmed that the incident resulted in zero fatalities. The plane crash landing isn’t the only disaster to occur near one of Trump’s properties, as a similar incident unfolded in New York City earlier this month.

The recent earthquake in New York City and New Jersey reached a 4.8 on the Richter magnitude scale and didn’t result in any fatalities. The earthquake’s epicenter, the area directly above where an earthquake begins, was only seven miles away from Trump’s golf course in Bedminster, New Jersey. Yet another tragedy occurred near one of Trump’s properties in November when multiple people reported shark sightings near Trump’s hotel in the Hawaiian islands. While the plane’s emergency landing is the latest instance of a disaster occurring near one of Trump’s properties, so far, none of the reported incidents have resulted in a death.

Los Angeles authorities learned about the plane’s crash landing just after 5:00 p.m. and quickly rushed to the area to assess the damage. The plane didn’t result in any known property damage or injuries. When investigating the incident, authorities couldn’t determine why the aircraft’s engine suffered a catastrophic failure. An investigation into the crash is ongoing and could yield more information once authorities recover the aircraft from the Pacific Ocean. The FAA has become involved in the investigation and should have more details in the coming weeks.

The various natural disasters occurring just miles away from Trump’s property sparked a surge of online jokes regarding the former president, claiming a divine power used the disasters to mock Trump. Other online commenters joked that the earthquake occurred after Trump became angry, seemingly a jab aimed at the former president’s weight. Although the various natural disasters prompted renewed online jokes aimed at Trump, the former president’s golf properties have increased in value following the incidents.

According to Forbes’ recent valuations of Trump’s properties, the former president’s Florida golf resort increased in value by more than 300% from last year. Trump’s famous Mar-a-Lago residence also experienced a similar growth in value, with a 254% increase over the past year. While natural disasters seemingly threaten Trump’s various properties throughout the states, the former president’s assets are becoming increasingly valuable.

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