Potential Motives Uncovered In Memorial Day Triple Murder

(NationalUSNews.com) — A former mayor in South Dakota allegedly killed three people during a shooting on Memorial Day, which left investigators confused as to a potential motive.

Authorities have announced that they believe they know why the former mayor, Jay Ostrem, shot and killed the three men. Court officials released documents about the shooting, which indicated that Ostrem committed the triple murder as revenge for an assault against his wife. Ostrem’s arrest immediately made national headlines due to his tenure as the mayor of Centreville, which could help the accused killer during his criminal proceedings.

The Memorial Day shooting occurred at approximately 9:44 p.m. on May 27, when Ostrem allegedly went to a Centerville home and killed the three men. One of the three victims, Zach Frankus, called authorities after Ostrem shot and killed his brother. While speaking to police, Frankus said that his brother had died from a gunshot wound and that the gunman had come back to the home and shot him as well. Frankus stopped speaking shortly after reporting the shooting and died at the scene.

Ostrem allegedly killed Frankus, his brother Paul Frankus, and Timothy Richmond after the three men allegedly sexually assaulted his wife. Rather than speak to the authorities about the assault, Ostrem allegedly drank alcohol and took a .380 caliber handgun and a rifle to the Centreville residence. Authorities claim that upon his arrival, Ostrem shot the three men, killing each of them before police could arrive.

A witness called the police after the shooting and reported Ostrem to Centreville law enforcement officers. An officer from Game, Fish, and Parks was the first responder and encountered Ostrem on the home’s street. During his encounter with the officer, Ostrem refused to follow orders but eventually surrendered. After searching Ostrem, police found the aforementioned firearms and several rounds of ammunition that had already been used. Investigators also said that Ostrem smelled strongly of alcohol following the shooting.

Investigators interviewed Ostrem’s wife after the triple murder, and she said she told Ostrem about the assault. According to Ostrem’s wife, upon learning of the assault, her husband immediately left the house without telling her what he planned on doing. Jail officials currently have Ostrem in custody at the Minnehaha County Jail, where he’ll remain until his trial.

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