Spy Services Uncover Startling Information Regarding Iran’s Nuclear Capabilities

(NationalUSNews.com) — Various intelligence agencies have uncovered startling information regarding Iran’s nuclear capabilities, which could result in an escalation of the conflict in the Middle East.

According to sources affiliated with intelligence agencies in the United States and Israel, Iran has obtained a computer program that could help its military develop a nuclear arsenal. Iran’s push towards building its nuclear arsenal has been a top concern for Western nations since the Iranian revolution of 1979, but the country has historically failed to advance its military development.

Despite Iran’s various failures at building a nuclear arsenal, Western countries have monitored the nation and kept intelligence agencies actively involved in observing Iran’s technological development. The United States, in particular, has expressed concern about Iran having a nuclear arsenal in the past due to Iran’s frequent criticisms of the United States and its promises to retaliate against the country for its support of Israel.

Before the discovery of Iran’s new computer modeling program, intelligence officials estimated Iran wouldn’t have a sizable nuclear arsenal within the foreseeable future. Iran has already started collecting fissile material to use in ballistic atomic weapons, but intelligence officials believed Iran wouldn’t have a use for the collected material due to the country’s lack of nuclear development. The discovery of Iran’s computer modeling program indicates Iran is closer to using the fissile material than initially thought, causing Israeli and American officials to fear hostile action from Iran in the near future.

Following the discovery from Israeli and United States intelligence officials, the White House has agreed to meet with Israel’s government to talk about Iran’s potential plans for nuclear development. Israeli officials, in particular, are concerned about the spy agencies’ discovery, as Iran makes frequent threats against Israel and has promised to take action against the country despite its support from countries like the United States and other members of NATO.

The United Nations has addressed Israel’s concern about an Iranian nuclear program and confirmed that officials within the United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency have uncovered evidence of Iran using a uranium enrichment process. According to the United Nations nuclear agency, Iran has enriched uranium to approximately 60%, which is just 30% away from the enrichment levels of uranium found in nuclear weaponry. The enrichment process has prompted renewed concern about Iran’s intentions and nuclear capability, as Iran has repeatedly refused to abide by the International Atomic Energy Agency’s requirement to disclose nuclear development and demonstrate peaceful intent.

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