The US Government Cites Trump Privacy Judgment In Prince Harry Visa Matter

( — British royal Prince Harry’s visa status has come under fire from the Heritage Foundation, a political think tank, which sued the Department of Homeland Security to find out about Harry’s visa status and how he initially entered the United States.

Instead of releasing Harry’s immigration status, the Department of Homeland Security denied the Heritage Foundation’s request, citing a recent judgment from a case involving former President Donald Trump. The cited case allowed for Trump’s interactions with members of the FBI before 2016 to remain private, with the Department of Homeland Security extending privacy protection to Harry.

According to John Bardo, an attorney representing the department, Harry’s visa information is comparable to Trump’s privacy rights for several reasons. Bardo said the two cases involved a Freedom of Information Act request from the plaintiff, and the defendants in each case deserved privacy as they were each private citizens. Bardo said that a private citizen’s right to privacy outweighs a third party’s interest in their interactions with the United States government, and thus, Harry’s immigration visa status would remain a secret.

While the official type of visa Harry used remains unknown, some immigration experts, like Melissa Chavin, believe he could’ve used a visa that categorized him as a member of the British royal family. Chavin, an immigration attorney, described the visa as “very special.” The visa, also called an “A-1 Head of State” visa, allows high-ranking foreign government or royal family members to have fewer restrictions when traveling into the United States. People who use special visas are also subjected to fewer background checks, with officials only checking for any history of terrorist behavior or espionage experience.

Despite likely using the particular head of state visa, Harry could face deportation if the United States government revokes or investigates his visa. Former President Donald Trump has implied that he might deport Harry if reelected in November and that Harry wouldn’t receive special treatment despite being a member of Britain’s royal family.

The Heritage Foundation also wants the government to take action against Harry, as Harry doesn’t have United States citizenship despite living in the country beyond the typical visa expiration period. Although Trump and the Heritage Foundation have seemingly advocated for Harry’s deportation, the British prince remains in California and could end up avoiding any immigration issues if Trump fails to win reelection in November.

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