TV Star Julia Louis-Dreyfus Calls Criticism Of Political Correctness A “Red Flag”

( — In April, actor and comedian Jerry Seinfeld offended many people by suggesting that political correctness is killing comedy in the modern world.

The creator and star of the beloved 90s sitcom Seinfeld, said that people always need comedy. He suggested people aren’t getting it due to the current “extreme left and P.C. crap,” making everyone too afraid of offending anyone to create it. Seinfeld alum Julia Louis-Dreyfus emphatically disagrees with her former co-star.

Seinfeld referenced many past television greats like M.A.S.H. and Cheers, suggesting that there is nothing today to match them for being funny. Louis-Dreyfus, however, criticized the older material by saying that there were “bits and pieces” of them that didn’t age well. She added that being aware of certain sensitivities is not a bad thing and she does not believe that political correctness hampers comedy or anything else. In fact, she suggested that complaints about political correctness are a red flag that could indicate something else. She was not specific as to what else it might mean.

Louis-Dreyfus has discussed her appreciation of modern political correctness in several recent interviews. She indicated that she believes it is “obviously fantastic” because it equates to tolerance. She’s also clear that tastes have changed from her Seinfeld days and that she feels they have shifted for the better. While not denouncing the films and television of the past, she pointed out that they often contain attitudes that would not be acceptable today. She says people need to be vigilant.

While Louis-Dreyfus is enthusiastically in favor of political correctness, she does have some criticism of the modern media industry. She says that the corporatization of entertainment is the real problem. The siloing of studios, outlets, streamers and distributors is where Louis-Dreyfus sees the threat to art and creative voices. As for stand-up comedy, which Seinfeld says is self-correcting, she says the comedians have freedom of speech but so does she. She will reserve the right to boo anyone who offends her.

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