What Trump Faces Now That He’s Been Convicted in Hush Money Trial 

(NationalUSNews.com) — While the world waits for the July 11 sentencing following Trump’s conviction in the hush money trial, experts have been speculating about what could happen now that he’s been convicted.

Daniel Horwitz, a New York defense attorney and former prosecutor, suggested that if someone feels that the courtroom is dingy, they should see the probation office. The former president has been noted complaining of the cold and uncomfortable Manhattan courtroom. If convicted, he would most likely be required to undergo an inmate review by New York City’s Department of Probation like anyone else. The review would consist of questions about the circumstances that led to his conviction, as well as a review of personal history and his mental health.

After that, which some have called a humbling experience, there is the question of what kind of sentences he could face. Incarceration in an actual prison is unlikely, although New York Mayor Eric Adams has remarked that the Rikers Island jail complex in the Bronx is prepared if he is ordered to serve time there. Some have speculated that Trump may be subject to house arrest in his home in Mar-a-Lago, Florida or probation. Either alternative would impact Trump’s ability to travel freely, although probation officers or authorities in Florida and New York could work with him on arrangements to facilitate it.

Matthew Galluzzo, a former prosecutor in the Manhattan district attorney’s office, commented that having to work with a probation officer could make campaigning awkward but not impossible. He added that if a person has a probation officer, their home may be subject to random searches, travel outside the country would be difficult, and there could be drug tests. With two debates with President Biden scheduled, Trump might need to make arrangements well in advance to be able to travel to them. As Trump has no prior criminal history and the case does not involve any violent crime, it is possible that the sentence would be a fine or supervision rather than incarceration of any kind.

As legal experts have established that a conviction would not disqualify Trump from either running for or serving as president, some have wondered if he could simply pardon himself if he is elected. As the case is not federal, that would not be within presidential powers. However, Trump’s legal team is already filing motions and working toward a possible appeal filing. Some have suggested that it is possible that his sentence could be short enough in duration to have been completed by the time the legal appeal is litigated. Whatever the case, this case could very well set precedents for how the legal system handles high profile defendants going forward.

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