Whistleblower Accuses Texas Children’s Hospital Of Fraud

(NationalUSNews.com) — A new whistleblower from Texas Children’s Hospital alleges her employer is illegally charging Medicaid for transgender procedures. Vanessa Sivadge spoke to journalist Christopher Rufo regarding the actions the hospital is taking to push gender transition services as well as the fraud they are enacting by charging Medicaid for the procedures.

Texas Medicaid law explicitly states that sex change operations are not allowable under the program. In addition, Texas Medicaid does not cover any services that fall under the banner of gender affirming care (GAC). Despite this, Sivadge received a visit from FBI authorities in an attempt to intimidate her following her allegations against the hospital.

Two doctors, Richard Ogden Roberts and David Paul, were specifically caught charging Medicaid with feminization surgery and cross-sex hormones. In addition, Sivadge said doctors manipulated parents into seeking GAC procedures for their children. She said they did not inform the children or parents about the risks of the procedures and used manipulative language including insinuations that the child would commit suicide without GAC treatment.

This is the second whistleblower who has come forward regarding GAC procedures at Texas Children’s Hospital; both of them provided the details to Rufo.

Eithan Haim is currently facing 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine after revealing that the hospital was performing GAC treatments following an announcement that they would cease all GAC procedures. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton wrote in 2022 that GAC treatments could be classified as child abuse. Texas Children’s Hospital released a statement that they would stop the procedures.

Haim revealed that the hospital implanted a hormone device in an 11-year old girl just days after this announcement. Haim also described how the hospital continued providing GAC procedures and treatments. Just after Rufo’s story in May 2023 dropped, Texas passed an affirmative ban on GAC procedures in the state.

Sivadge still worked for the hospital and Haim has pleaded not guilty in the charges brought against him.

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