Boyd Tinsley, Former Violinist For Dave Matthews Band, Arrested For DUI

( — Authorities have arrested the former violinist for the Dave Matthews Band, Boyd Tinsley, after he allegedly crashed his car into a Corvette while drunk.

According to eyewitnesses who saw the initial accident, Tinsley crashed his Escalade into a Corvette while moving at a high rate of speed. Tinsley then exited his vehicle to talk to the other driver and examine the damage caused by the crash. After speaking to Tinsley, the Corvette driver contacted the police because of Tinsley’s strange behavior during the encounter. Police arrested Tinsley for the accident and charged the famous violinist with operating a vehicle while intoxicated.

Tinsley managed to pay his bail shortly after his DUI arrest, but he must reappear in court at an unspecified date for future criminal proceedings. The driving while intoxicated charge isn’t the only legal battle involving Tinsley, as several lawsuits and scandals have involved the former violinist over the past few years. One such lawsuit started in 2018 when a street musician sued Tinsley for sexual harassment. The street musician who sued Tinsley is James Winn, who accused the famous violinist of sexually harassing him when he was only 18 years old.

Winn also accused Tinsley of performing several lewd acts around him when they knew each other, including instances where Tinsley allegedly sent him sexual messages despite Winn’s objections. Tinsley initially denied Winn’s allegations and had his lawyer release a statement protesting his innocence. The lawsuit ended in 2019 when Winn and Tinsley reached an undisclosed settlement. The shocking lawsuit quickly made national headlines, resulting in the Dave Matthews Band dismissing Tinsley and distancing the band members from their former violinist.

Winn sued Tinsley again earlier this year due to Tinsley’s recent comments about the lawsuit and his response to Winn’s accusations of sexual harassment. The 2019 settlement featured restrictions on Winn and Tinsley’s abilities to speak about the incident, which Tinsley seemingly violated by discussing the lawsuit on social media and criticizing Winn. Tinsley didn’t overtly talk about Winn during his social media posts about the lawsuit, but Winn’s lawyers claim Tinsley’s comments heavily insinuated the former violinist was talking about Winn.

Eyewitnesses captured Tinsley’s arrest on video, which features a brief clip of Tinsley talking to police officers while in handcuffs. The arrest is the latest legal issue for the former Dave Matthews Band violinist and could result in the cancellation of his induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame alongside his former band members. Tinsley hasn’t released a statement regarding his arrest, nor has he publicly addressed Winn’s latest lawsuit.

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