Democrats Win Upset Victory In Deep-Red Florida

( — A Democratic candidate won a massive upset victory in the state of Florida, by winning the position of Mayor of Jacksonville. Donna Deegan won the race, and will be the first Democrat to serve in the position in over a decade. Deegan will also be the first female to hold the office. Despite the Republican voters outnumbering Democratic voters, Deegan still managed to earn a victory by winning votes from Independents and even some registered Republicans. Deegan’s victory goes against the wider state trends found within Florida, which has shifted from being a purple state to being a deep red state. This shift is in part due to the policies of current Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

DeSantis has become a wildly popular national figure over the past few years, and is even expected to announce a presidential bid sometime in the coming weeks. DeSantis is also a controversial figure, who’s currently engaged in a legal battle with Disney. While DeSantis has found some support on the national level, his potential campaign against Donald Trump will likely face some difficulties, given Trump’s popularity with Republicans and Independents. Despite this, DeSantis does seemingly have a chance, as Trump’s popularity has suffered recently due to his ongoing legal battles and constant scandals. Ron DeSantis hasn’t formally announced his intention to run for president yet, but the announcement seems as though it’ll come any day now.

Despite the Democrat victory in Jacksonville, Florida will likely remain a deep red state for the foreseeable future. DeSantis’ influence within the Sunshine State is widespread and deep rooted. It seems likely that Florida will be quite important in terms of the upcoming presidential election, as Florida is a key state that provides a large number of electoral votes. Whether or not DeSantis will win widespread national support in his attempt at running for the position of chief executive is uncertain, but it is clear that regardless of recent Democratic Party victories the Sunshine State still favors the current governor heavily.

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