DeSantis Heckled at Iowa State Fair

( — Florida Governor and GOP hopeful Ron DeSantis appeared at the Iowa State Fair to seem relatable to conservative and independent voters. Still, the Republican candidate was heckled by the crowd after a plane flew by.

The aircraft flew a banner that said “Be Likable Ron” and prompted DeSantis’s audience to erupt in chants. The crowd started chanting various statements about Donald Trump, with some even chanting, “We want Trump.” Iowa’s Governor Kim Reynolds attempted to quell the chants by asking the crowd to remain respectful, but this failed to prevent the calls from drowning out DeSantis.

DeSantis’s state fair appearance showcases the immense support that Trump receives from conservative voters and highlights Trump’s position as the most popular Republican running in next year’s election. DeSantis ignored the chants and attempted to speak to the audience and Reynolds, but the audience continued to chant pro-Trump statements. Trump remains the conservative candidate with the most support among voters, with DeSantis consistently polling as the second most popular GOP hopeful.

While DeSantis regularly performs well in polls, his campaign recently fell behind Chris Christie in New Hampshire. Christie, one of the least popular candidates among the GOP, lacks mainstream support in any state. Despite his lack of popularity, Christie surpassed DeSantis, raising concerns that Ron DeSantis’s presidential efforts could be stalling. While his performance in polls is lacking, DeSantis remains the runner-up among the GOP. DeSantis dropped around 9% in nine months among voters in New Hampshire, while Donald Trump remained the favorite candidate by 50%.

DeSantis is a controversial candidate for next year’s election and is even involved in a lawsuit with the Disney Corporation. DeSantis recently called for Disney to end their ongoing case against him, which has been ongoing since before he announced his campaign in May. Despite DeSantis’s requests, Disney will unlikely drop the lawsuit against the Florida Governor, which will likely play out during the primary season next year. DeSantis instigated the ongoing rivalry with Disney but now seemingly hopes to end the continuing legal battle before it negatively impacts his presidential campaign.

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