Despite Protests Outside His Home, Ted Cruz Says He’ll Always Support Israel

( — Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) has reaffirmed his support for the nation of Israel despite ongoing anti-Israel protests demonstrators have held outside his home over the past few months. Protestors have held demonstrations outside Cruz’s Texas residence every Saturday since February, and they have been on Cruz’s property from early morning into late evening. Despite the protests, Cruz said that he wouldn’t back down or withdraw his support for Israel.

Since February, the protestors have appeared on Cruz’s property more than twenty times. According to Cruz, the people attending the protests scream as loud as they can about Israel and Hamas, which the senator described as a nuisance for his neighborhood. Cruz said that the protestors had expressed support for Hamas during the various demonstrations and the police told him that some of them are associated with multiple left-leaning college organizations like Students for Justice in Palestine.

Despite the ongoing protest campaign on Cruz’s property, the Texas senator has repeatedly discussed his support for Israel and his disapproval of the antisemitic rhetoric used by anti-Israel advocates. Cruz’s team recently released a statement regarding the ongoing protests and stated that Cruz plans to support Israel until it can “eradicate” Hamas from the region and end the militant group’s influence within the Middle East.

Some political experts have speculated that the protests on Cruz’s property could be related to the various anti-Israel demonstrations that unfolded on college campuses throughout the United States. The Students for Justice in Palestine also participated in protests on college campuses, including the protest at Columbia University, which required police intervention. Many student organizations associated with the anti-Israel protests received funding from infamous liberal political donor George Soros, prompting renewed concern about protestors having an ulterior motive.

While protestors have spent months on Cruz’s property, this isn’t the first time demonstrations have targeted the senator. In 2021, protestors held a demonstration related to climate change at Cruz’s residence. Cruz claims that the protests haven’t discouraged him or reduced his support for Israel and that he plans to support the country for the foreseeable future.

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