Dozens Of Hooters Restaurants Close Suddenly Across The US

( — Various restaurant chains throughout the United States have started closing their doors over the last few years, including iconic restaurants like Red Lobster.

The latest food chain to begin closing down locations is the infamous Hooters, which has already shut down at least 40 different locations. Among the states that have seen the highest number of Hooters shutdowns are Texas and Florida, with a combined total of ten restaurants closing in both states.

Hooters has closed four locations in Florida, indicating a sharp downturn for the decades-old restaurant chain and its popularity. The Hooters brand has had multiple financial setbacks over the last few years, including several lawsuits. Hooters has paid settlements to several people due to its controversial hiring policies, which saw prospective employees evaluated based on their appearance and physical features. Hooters has also gone through multiple owners throughout the years, with Nord Bay Capital buying the brand alongside TriArtisan Capital Advisors.

While the lawsuits contributed to the restaurant chain’s declining profits, its problems began during the international pandemic. Several businesses lost significant money during the pandemic, and Hooters isn’t an exception. Hooters has also struggled to pay for its supplies over the past few years due to a sharp increase in food costs and other business-related expenses. Although Hooters is the latest business to start closing its doors, it isn’t the only restaurant chain to consider closing locations to help restore profitability.

Red Lobster filed for bankruptcy in May and shut down nearly 100 locations, with some economic experts finding it impossible for the once-popular seafood chain to recover. Appleby’s has also suffered a steep decline in its locations’ performances and plans to shut down approximately 30 different locations by December. Cracker Barrel has also experienced a loss in profitability over the last few years, and its CEO has confirmed that sales started declining during the international pandemic. Even Burger King has started closing locations, with the fast-food chain planning on shutting down 400 different locations before the new year.

Although Hooters has closed around 40 different locations due to underperformance, its founders have started opening new locations in Florida. The founders of Hooters kept the right to operate the location in various areas throughout the United States and announced that they plan on opening new locations over the next few years. Among the cities selected for a new Hooters are The Villages, Florida, and Las Vegas, Nevada.

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