Opposition Leader Benny Gantz Abandons Israel Coalition Government

(NationalUSNews.com) — Despite his initial support for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s approach to the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas, Israel’s opposition leader, Benny Gantz, has confirmed he’ll be leaving Israel’s emergency war cabinet and coalition government known as the Knesset. When explaining his decision to leave Israel’s war cabinet, Gantz cited Netanyahu’s recent actions, which he believes have made it impossible for Israel to secure a complete victory over Hamas. According to Gantz, Netanyahu is more interested in protecting his political career than having Israeli hostages in Hamas’s custody returned to their families.

Gantz originally planned on confirming his departure sooner but postponed his announcement after Israel’s military recovered several hostages during a recent operation in the central Gaza region. When announcing his departure, Gantz briefly addressed other war cabinet members, along with members of the Knesset, to help him form a new government. Gantz also expressed his desire to host new elections for Israel, which could result in Netanyahu’s removal from office.

Gantz isn’t the only Israeli official to leave Netanyahu’s war cabinet, as four other cabinet members resigned shortly after Gantz’s announcement. Among the Israeli officials who resigned alongside Gantz are Gadi Eisenkot, Hili Tropper, and Avi Rosenfeld. Netanyahu’s party still maintains a substantial majority in the Knesset, but he could lose his political power if Gantz’s departure continues to inspire other resignations. When explaining their decision to leave Israel’s emergency war cabinet, the primary motivation cited by Israeli officials was Netanyahu’s handling of the Israel-Hamas war.

Netanyahu has repeatedly pushed for more offensive operations against Hamas, despite some military experts advising him against such a course of action. Netanyahu has also criticized other Western nations, including Spain and Belgium, for demanding a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas. Gantz has been openly critical of Netanyahu over the past few months and even called for Netanyahu to release a definitive plan to end the war by June 8, which Netanyahu failed to deliver. Gantz has now started to call for members of the Knesset and war cabinet to join him in reforming Israel’s government, with the first elections planned for the fall.

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