Republican Governor Of Ohio Guarantees Biden’s Place On November’s Ballot

( — Ohio’s deadline for getting a presidential nominee on their ballot is 90 days before election day, which would be Wednesday, August 7. However, the Democratic National Convention, where President Biden was supposed to receive his official nomination, doesn’t begin until Monday, August 19.

The fear that this scheduling disaster could lead to the incumbent president not being on the Ohio ballot on election day has been of great concern. In the past, extensions have been granted, but there was some resistance to that idea this year.

Last week, Ohio Republican Governor Mike DeWine called for a rare special session of the General Assembly to rectify the situation. Disapproval of another measure that Ohio Republicans tied to their support of the extension compelled Democrats to seek another option. The Democratic National Committee (DNC) decided to meet the challenge by using a virtual roll call to make their nomination. This would ensure President Joe Biden’s place on the ballot in November. He would still be officially accepted at the Democratic National Convention as scheduled.

However, the special session still took place, and the two bills were signed by Governor DeWine. The first will extend the deadline for the presidential nomination, and the other prohibits foreign contributions to political campaigns. Some Democrats opposed the ban on foreign nationals contributing to state ballot campaigns, although both bills passed with bipartisan support. Ohio Democratic Representative Dani Isaacsohn has denounced the foreign campaign contribution ban, saying it is an attack on the democratic process.

Many Ohio Republicans insisted on passing the foreign campaign contribution bill as a prerequisite for their support of extending the nomination window. Ohio law already bans foreign money from going to candidates. This new bill has further restrictions, such as banning legal foreign nationals with green cards from making contributions. It also allows the attorney general to investigate and prosecute potential violations. The DNC may still be using the virtual roll call rendered unnecessary by the newly passed extension.

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