Influencers Turn to Conservatives Post-Cancelation

( — Social media influencer Tayler Holder, known for his involvement in Hype House, has rebranded himself as a conservative country star after his online audience attempted to cancel him in 2022. Holder, who operates a TikTok account, faced a highly-publicized scandal after several people accused him of committing a sexual assault in 2022. Holder denied the accusations, but the controversy resulted in him leaving Hype House and seeking alternative methods of social media influencing.

Holder eventually returned to social media with a string of posts about his status as a Christian, along with posts about his pro-2nd Amendment stance and his love for country music. Despite Holder’s attempts at rebranding himself as a country-loving Christian influencer, online audiences aren’t entirely convinced and instead claim the disgraced social media icon wants to use Christianity to gain a new following after he lost a large portion of his fans during the 2022 controversy. Holder isn’t the only influencer who rebranded themselves as a Conservative figure following a cancellation, as several other well-known social media figures have gone through similar rebrandings.

One such influencer is Brittany Dawn, a well-known fitness icon who faced a lawsuit for unfair business practices in Texas. Dawn has since claimed to be a devoted Christian who organizes weekend events for Christians. Meredith Foster, another social media influencer who faced cancellation after her outspoken conservative beliefs, also shifted her content to focus on Christianity. Foster’s rebranding didn’t occur as quickly as Holder’s or Dawn’s, as she already regularly discussed her faith in online posts and expressed her anti-abortion beliefs, which she claimed stemmed from her Christian values.

Influencers on every social media trend have seemingly followed suit, as many internet celebrities who’ve faced scandals over the past few years have attempted to rebrand themselves as conservatives. While some, like Foster, are likely genuine, others have faced accusations of catering to Christians to gain a new audience after losing their original followers. A common talking point among the newly conservative influencers is the ongoing trend of traditional Christian values, which includes anti-abortion sentiments and the idea that women should be homemakers rather than in conventional working roles.

Marketing expert Jennifer Chang claims that influencers who face a massive scandal have several methods of regaining their following, one of which is rebranding themselves as Christian or conservative. According to Chang, influencers like Holder are more interested in recovering their following by appealing to a new audience rather than taking accountability for their actions and admitting that they’ve acted inappropriately or committed a crime.

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